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1. Only donations made November 14th-28th are eligible to be selected for a Surprise Supporter Gift Certificate prize.
- Recipients will be chosen at random.
- One recipient will be chosen from online donors, one recipient will be chosen from in-person donors.

2. Chamber Surprise Supporter mini-grants must be distributed to MatchDay participating agencies.
- Recipient designations will be chosen by the attendees at the November Chamber Breakfast who win the Chamber prize drawings.
- Prizes may be direct prize to one or multiple participating agencies and are not obligated to benefit agencies the donor contributes to during MatchDay.

3. All organizations that raise 10% more in donations over the prior year of MatchDay, with a minimum of $1,000 increase, whichever is greater, will receive a $100 prize.
- Organizations who have not previously participated in MatchDay must raise at least $1,000 to be eligible for the prize.

4. All prizes are treated as donations, and as such are distributed back to the benefitting agencies. However, they are not eligible for matching contributions.

Prizes subject to change up to two weeks after the event.